Virtuemart modules


After many years of happy use of VirtueMart we've finally made the transition to a new platform: Magento.

Unfortunately VirtueMart wasn't developing rapidly enough to stay with them, many release were very buggy and the support from the community was limited.

This is also why we have not upgraded our modules to newer versions of VM. We also have no intention of upgrading them. So if you have any interest in the modules below. They are freeware now. They are for VM 1.1. Email us and we will send you them.


Bulk Order & Order Status Manager

  • Update the status of multiple orders at once!
  • Show order items all in one screen!
  • Make precise selections
  • Export detailed reports
  • Resend confirmation email

Bulk Price And Shopper Group Prices Manager

  • Manage different price groups easily
  • Create precise selections!
  • Save queries for repeated use!

Bulk Product Type and Product Parameter Manager

  • Update product parameters and product types the easy way!
  • Make manual or automatic changes all from 1 screen
  • Filter your products, by category, published, parent/child items

Bulk Related Products Manager

  • Update related products for multiple products
  • Easy usage, with images
  • Quick and effective

Cleafs Feed met VirtueMart XML & CSV Feed Component

  • Genereert een feed voor Cleafs!
  • Makkelijk Joomla component
  • Verschillende selectie opties

Customers Who Bought ... this product, also bought

  • Works fully automatic
  • Let your customers' purchases advise other customers!
  • Simple module install!

Google Shopping Feed met VirtueMart Feed Component

  • Genereert een Google Shoping feed!
  • Makkelijk Joomla component
  • Verschillende selectie opties

TradeTracker Feed met VirtueMart Feed Component

  • Genereert een TradeTracker feed!
  • Makkelijk Joomla component
  • Verschillende selectie opties

VirtueMart Advanced Autoresponder

  • Sends autoresponders automatically!
  • Fully personalised HTML emails!
  • Automatically email customers based on many criteria
  • Can change order status automatically
  • Multilingual: German, French, Spanish and Dutch included

VirtueMart Advanced Inventory Manager

  • Easy inventory changing
  • Automatic emails on low stock!
  • Barcode scanner functionality
  • Bulk inventory/price/discount/tax editor!
  • Advances Sales statistics (cumulative sales stats, profit margins etc) per product

VirtueMart Favorite Products & Save-For-Later Module

  • Let customers store their favorite products!
  • Favorites can be stored for over a year!
  • For all VirtueMart & Joomla versions
  • Test it yourself, click on the ' maak favoriet' button a few lines below.

VirtueMart Nederlandse Postcode Checker

  • Vult automatisch plaats en straatnaam in!
  • Nooit meer adressen hoeven nagaan bij klanten.
  • Zeer gemakkelijk te installeren!

VirtueMart Parcelware Advanced Koppeling

  • Realtime verbinding tussen VM en Parcelware
  • Terugrapportering van track&trace codes
  • Bespaart ongelofelijk veel tijd!

VirtueMart Parcelware Interactieve Koppeling

  • Automatisch etiketten printen!
  • Bespaar veel tijd per dag.
  • Zeer gemakkelijk te installeren!

VirtueMart Product Filter Module

  • Up to 3 filters!
  • Show amount of products per filter
  • Layout easily customizable!

VirtueMart Reeleezee Interactieve Koppeling

  • Orders en klanten exporteren!
  • Foutloos door automatisering.
  • Flexibel in te stellen.

Copy image information when copying products

  • Re-use the image information when copying a product
  • No more downloading and uploading again
  • Saves a lot of time when regulary copying products
  • Simple hack, 1 joomla core file

Front end login as customer with admin password

  • Login as any customer using their login name and your admin password
  • This is the answer to customers calling in for orders
  • Simple hack, 1 joomla core file